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All contests are free to enter. You only need be a PandaOki website member, a way to upload your entries and an email address so we can notify you if you win.

This Month's Contest

Draw a picture of


pandaoki saucercolor.png
pandoki sneakcolor.png
pandaoki laser3.png
pandaokithumbs upcolor.png

Contest Rules:

• Only Members or Subscribers of the PandaOki Unlimited website can submit art work.

• All entries must be received before the posted deadline.

•  All entries must be the submitting member’s original artwork or idea.

• All submitted artwork becomes the property of PandaOki Unlimited (So, if you don't want us to keep it, don't send it).

The Prize:

The winner of the contest will win a PandaOki prize pack (the contents of this package is a secret--but it's good stuff).

Submission Deadline:

11:59 pm Janurary 31, 2019

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