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PandaOki Characters!

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Name: PandaOki
Age: 5 years old
Known Associates: Doob(best friend), Chuki, Tisu, MyOki(eldest sister), FayeOki (middle sister), KimOki(youngest sister)
Nickname(s): Goggles, Smart one
Skills: Master Inventor & The world’s most powerful imagination

PandaOki is always seen wearing his yellow blaster goggles, porter-pack and a giant smile.  The only thing bigger than his smile is his love for his friends, family and his unwavering belief in the fantastic stories told by the mysterious Mr. Munga, the owner of the “What The Sip” sippie stand.

Whether he and his panda pack are traveling through time, going to the moon, saving the gift-giving Panda Claws, or tracking down the Abominable Yetifoot, Pandaoki is the good-natured glue that holds them together.

doob newcolor.png

Name: Doobis

Age: 5 years old

Known Associates: PandaOki(best friend), Chuki(younger brother), Tisu, MyOki, FayeOki, KimOki

Nickname(s): Doob, Airhead

Skills: Master Aviator


As PandaOki's best friend, Doob never turns down a chance to go with him on his wild adventures or to use his own name to express his self proclaimed awesomeness (Doobtastic, Dooberrific, Doobtacular, etc.).

His constant presence on these adventures is also the reason most of PandaOki's inventions fall victim to Doob's chronic condition of ATS(Always Touching Something); which usually turns their well planned adventure into a run-for-your-life misadventure.

Even though he is never willing to except all the blame for the havoc his actions cause, He his always there to help when things get tough.  Doob is both a friend that you can't leave alone and the friend you don't want to leave behind.

Name: Tisu

Age: 6 years old

Known Associates: PandaOki, Doob, Chuki, Tisu, MyOki, FayeOki, KimOki

Nickname(s): Nopeamina

Skills: The stare

Tisu is always grumpy and doesn't care about anything or anybody. At least, that's what she wants others to think, but PandaOki knows that is not true. Buried deep, deep, deep under layers of smart remarks and a menacing scowl, is a panda with a heart of gold who would do anything for a friend.

Name: Chuki

Age: 2 years old

Known Associates: Doob(Older brother), PandaOki, Tisu, MyOki, FayeOki, KimOki, Bo'Bee

Nickname(s): Chew toy



Chuki is Doob's little brother. He is insanely curious and highly skilled at unintentionally wondering off on his own. Like his older brother he suffers from the same chaos creating disorder; ATS(Always Touching Something). However, with Chuki, he tends to always want to touch extremely large living things which almost always leads to him being chased, chewed, swallowed, stung, grabbed, or dragged by some creature they happen to encounter on their adventures.

myoki color.png

Name: MyOki

Age: 4 years old

Known Associates: PandaOki(Older brother), Doob, Chuki, Tisu, FayeOki(Younger sister), KimOki(Younger sister)

Nickname(s): Bad batch

Skills: The baker of weaponized pastries and kookies

Myoki is PandaOki’s oldest sister. She loves to bake and is always making cookies, cakes and other stuff. That's great except she always forgets to add something she's supposed to or she adds something that she shouldn't, which makes whatever she bakes taste awful.


Name: FayeOki

Age: 3 years old

Known Associates: PandaOki(Older brother), Doob, Chuki, Tisu, MyOki(Older sister), KimOki(Younger sister)


Skills: Mirror wack

Fayeoki sees beauty in everything, especially herself. She only has the best intentions when telling others how to improve themselves, whether they ask her opinion or not.


Name: KimOki

Age: 2 years old

Known Associates: PandaOki(Older brother), Doob, Chuki, Tisu, MyOki and FayeOki(Older sisters)

Nickname(s): Kimmi

Skills: Kodiak Attack

Kimoki is the youngest of the Oki family sisters.   When she was younger she was afraid of almost everything. To get her over this, PandaOki designed her a steel-reinforced Kodiak bear helmet to wear.  Once she put it on, she channeled her inner kodiak and began to charge head first into any situation that used to scared her. As she puts it, "she ain't scarewid of anything".

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